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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro Battery Test

iPhone 13 Apple Friday, 8 months ago

This year apple told us that they improved the battery life of new iPhone 13 series over the previous  iPhone 12 series and this is very good news. A key role in this improvement, especially in pro series, has the “Pro motion display”, which changes the refresh of the screen based on the content you are interacting with, from 120hz down to 10hz. This pushes  us to ask how big difference can  “Pro motion display” make in real life. 

When you look on the numbers on Apple's website iPhone 13 pro is rated to last three more hours than the regular iPhone 13. Where the iPhone 13 battery, its claim to last 19hr vs iPhone 13 pro up to 22hr.

As you can see in this image, these numbers are based just in the video playback where iPhone 13 pro can benefit from its pro motion display and lower the refresh screen to 24fps (frames per second). In this case these numbers could really be true, but in real life nobody will only use their iPhone only to watch videos and nothing else. That's why a famous channel on YouTube called PhoneBuff made a video when he test both phones with more like real life usage to see if the difference between the two is like Apple claims, knowing the fact that both phones share the same screen sizes and technology 6.1" OLED, and regular iPhone 13 has a bigger battery 3227-Mah compared to the pro model 3100-Mah. See the video below.



The conclusion based on the results of this comparison video is that it's true that pro motion displays helps very much in battery life based on the fact that regular iPhone 13 has bigger batty and iPhone 13 pro managed to beat it anyway, but still it's not what Apple claims. Anyway i think we should be very happy that Apple finally introduced this technology to iPhone series, and we hope they will add this feature to non-pro models next year.

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